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So many people have started off their online business on the world's biggest E-commerce platform AMAZON or if you don't have the investment you can freelance these skills and manage your client's stores to earn a handsome amount of money. Sometimes it's difficult to understand the perfect methodology to work on Amazon and where to get started or which skills do clients buy exactly, with this course, we can guarantee you will learn how to work as a Virtual assistant on an Amazon E-commerce website with this COURSE!!! 👉 This course will cover all the important aspects of the Amazon Seller Account. It will contain all the necessary guides you need to follow, otherwise, without the proper direction, many people suffer loss in lots of verbal knowledge that's why we come up with TRUE HANDS-ON Sessions. The language of delivery for this course in Urdu/Hindi so you won't face any barriers, in fact, you will understand concepts much more effectively. 💲 Amazon is currently the largest online selling market Worldwide, and in this course, we will go through the complete process of how you can work on Amazon Button to Button like thousands of other people who have established their livelihood and businesses rendering these skills or launching their own Stores. 👇 This course will cover all important aspects of Amazon and e-commerce, including: ◼ Understanding Amazon and E-Commerce (how to sell on Amazon, what is a seller account?) ◼ Searching for products and keywords hunting (how to hunt new products for your shop) ◼ Listings Creation (How to create the right listings which sell ◼ Keywords Indexing and SEO Optimisation (Utislisng Golden and Platinum Keywords on front-end and back-end search terms for SEO). ◼ Product Sourcing (How to do proper sourcing from Alibaba, the right way of taking quotations and required margins with negotiations, use of filters for identifying top manufacturers then traders to make margins). ◼ Launching and Ranking (How to rank your product on top spots for more conversion rates and generate orders). Enroll now to get complete and the best Amazon E-Commerce Training 💯

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In this session, we will discuss how to find products

  • How to do Product Research 20min 25sec
  • Product Analysis and Viability (Part 1) 36min 28sec
  • Product Analysis and Viability (Part 2) 47min 49sec

Which factors to keep mind in while finding the manufacturer, How to make trade order, how to maintain data

  • Product Sourcing 21min 31sec
  • Shipping Plan and Shipping Weight 25min 44sec

Various ways to rank the products in details and what are the prerequisites.

  • PPC Ranking 45min 8sec
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Ecomsters is an acronym for Ecommerce Specialist. As it represent by the name, we are an ecommerce service providing company. We are best in the game since 2015, Here we are giving the opportunity to new people to learn who are interested in selling their skills as Ecomerce specialists. So what you are waiting for ?? Start Learning & Earning :)


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